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  • Acupuncture

    • Acupuncture needle application

    How can acupuncture help me

    Are you sceptical about acupuncture? We were too! Why can sticking needles into the skin and muscle help to reduce pain? It helps on a number of levels and there is good evidence to back this up.

  • Video Analysis

    • running assessment video analysis East Midlands

      Video Analysis

    A detailed slow motion!

    The human eye sees things at around 6 frames per second (FPS)! We record video at 60 FPS and carry out slow motion analysis to go though ineffective or problem movements with a fine tooth comb.

  • Foot Posture Supports

    • Custom made orthotics

    Making your feet work for you!

    Our feet are our connection with the floor. When the wheels of our car are out of alignment it can cause other parts of the car to have to compensate and work harder.

  • Physiotherapy

    Helping to achieve the maximum out of life!

    Physiotherapy is concerned with helping you enjoy the best health you can expect. Through getting to know you, we aim to ease your pain and help you improve your activities of daily living.

  • Care Homes

    Improving quality of life.

    Caring for an elderly relative or friend? Are they becoming less mobile? Do they appear to be in discomfort or pain? We are a firm believer that physiotherapists working on site in care homes can make a huge difference both physically and psychologically to the quality of life of your loved one.

  • Hands On Therapy

    • Manipulation Manual therapy Physiotherapy

    Have you ever encountered stiffness in your joints? Wouldn't it be great if you could just oil them?

    We see hands on treatment as just that, moving the joints improves lubrication and helps to promote painfree movement.


  • Deep Tissue Massage

    • Physiotherapist deep tissue massage

    Left a bit, right a bit...that's the spot!

    Most people enjoy a massage, as it often feels like what's needed! It's great to reduce tension when you muscles are sore after exercise and it helps to improve sporting performance.

  • Occupational Health

    • Occupational health Physiotherapy

    Taking the pain out of work.

    Thousands of years of evolution and we can walk on 2 feet! However, modern technology has us sitting at computers, travelling in cars, lounging on the sofa and texting from the bus stop! It would appear that we are reversing the process of evolution!

  • Exercise

    • Physiotherapist teaching exercises

    I walk every day, why do I need to exercise?

    Exercise conjures up the thought of donning Lycra & headband and breaking a sweat! If that is you, then we won't try and stop you!

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