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Meet the team

Mike Whitehead MSc MCSP

  • Mike Whitehead - Chartered Physiotherapist

With an undergraduate degree in anatomy prior to his completion physiotherapy education in 2001, Mike has a really solid base to simplify the most complex of problems. He believes that the basis of rehabilitation of your injury starts with educating you. He will use his vast experience to reassure you, treat and manage your injury accordingly and will involve you in every stage of your recovery. Mike has a great interest in complex pain states and sporting injuries, including running, cycling and swimming in which he partakes himself. Rest assured that Mike will make you feel supported throughout your assessment and treatment and guide you back to fitness.

Matt Buckley BSc MCSP

  • Matt Buckley - Chartered Physiotherapist

Matt loves people and patients will love him. He's very friendly and instantly makes you feel at ease. Matt is an extremely enthusiastic physio with a wealth of knowledge. He has a specialist interest in neck and shoulder pain. He too has a simple but effective way of helping you understand how the body works and when it doesn't function correctly. Matt loves sport and keeping fit and has a passion for football and in particular Manchester City, but don't hold that against him!

Louise Price BSc MCSP

  • Louise Price - Chartered Physiotherapist

Also a working mum, Louise is with us on Monday's & Friday. She's worked in the public sector at senior level and has a lovely way with patients. She is a lover of the great outdoors and highly values the concept of healthy living. She has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the human body, which she applies to all of her patients problems.

                                                                                                                                                             Carol & Marjan

We have the perfect working partnership in Carol and Marjan, to enable the smooth running and face of the clinic. Carol leads the way with her attention to detail. She is amazingly talented and has a skill base reaching as far as the eye can see. Dental practice management has lost a real treasure and we have profited from its loss. How did we cope without her?

Marjan is the latest addition to our team. With some long service in medical services administration, she comes equipped to address any queries. Marjan works predominantly on Monday's and Friday's and covers whenever she is needed.

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